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Welcome to the free “Blackout” WordPress theme. This theme is free to use provided that you leave at least one backlink to Meta Tag Generator!

I was looking for a black/gray theme without a huge header that took up half the page, and that used some jQuery UI effects. I could not find one that I liked, so created this theme, "Blackout". I wanted a thin header so that there would be more room for my content and not a lot of 'header fluff' at the top of my page. Feel free to use this theme - I only ask that you leave a backlink to Meta Tag Generator somewhere on your page.

What else is cool?
This theme incorporates three auto-generated legal documents that every site should have:

  1. A Privacy Policy
  2. A Terms of Service
  3. A Disclaimer
These three documents are autogenerated when you install the theme. If you don't want them, simply remove them, or you may edit them using the WordPress Theme Editor. The Admin email is auto-encrypted to hide it from spambots and email address harvesters. This is all you need to comply with Google Adsense and other affiliate programs.

Google Adsense requires a Privacy Policy, as do many other PPC and PPA programs. Facebook requires a Privacy Policy AND a "Terms of Service" if you choose to create an application allowing users to comment on your site via the Facebook API.

Finally, all legal advisers recommend a site "Disclaimer" just in case some fool acts upon some erroneous advice or misinterprets some advice or information on your site and is harmed by their subsequent foolishness... In any event, this theme covers all three of these for you. If you do not want them, simply delete them - but at your own peril!

I create a lot of sites, and the added hassle of crafting a Privacy Policy, Terms of Service and Disclaimer has always annoyed me - by incorporating this, users can concentrate on creating more important content that is of interest to site visitors.

Unordered list:

  • First Item
  • Second Item
  • Third Item

Ordered List:

  1. First Item
  2. Second Item
  3. Third Item

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